About me

At the moment, Günther Vansteelant Photography is a one man show but, who knows, maybe there will be a time when I can convince my lovely and incredibly organized wife to join me in my photography business. One can dream...

I also have a website on 500px where I also post my more personal photographs (not generated from a professional project).

To give you an idea about who you're dealing with if you hire me, some personal anecdotes.

I was born in 1966 in the beautiful historical city of Bruges. When I was young, he fact that Bruges is so beautiful escaped me until I went and studied as an industrial engineer in biochemistry at the Groep T College in the ever charming city of Leuven.

I also have a bachelors degree in Environmental Management from the Leuven University.

Professionally, I've worked in environmental & quality management all my life. Since 2007 I focused on quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry which led to my current day job as a senior QA manager at Zoetis (look it up if you want) responsible for quality oversight of a number of contract manufacturers.

As far as photography goes, I was interested at a young age but practice was limited to snapshots taken during vacation travels. The passion only fired when I bought my very first digital camera in 2002. It didn't take long for me to become the dedicated photographer at family events and the positive response from family and friends made me take a closer look at the technical aspects of photography. As a consequence I started collecting better equipment all the time.

After again getting remarked that I should do something with this talent, I eventually took the plunge and started my own company as a professional photographer in 2014.

Services and prices

Of course, everybody wants to know what a photographer asks for his services. The answer isn't easy to summarize though. The possibilities are myriad.
Therefore, some examples below. If you want a custom offer, just contact me because these prices are not set in stone and I believe in a personal approach.

Preferably, I work in 3 steps or sessions:

The planning session, where we discuss which products you would like the photo shoot to result in, what are your preferences and desires and when we will plan the shoot. At this time, the contract is signed.

The photo shoot, where the actual photographs are taken as planned.

The order session, where we go through a presentation of the selected and post processed photographs, and where you order the resulting products (wall products, prints, albums, ...).

Average price for a wedding shoot would be around 1500 EUR (including album) and around 350 EUR for a portrait shoot (including wall art) but there are so many variables and wonderful products available that the best way to get an idea of price is just to contact me and see what we can agree to for your budget.

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